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  • Size: 2230 (H)×835 (H)×580(W) mm
  • Channel size: 1990 (H)×700 (L)×500(W) mm    
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Power supply: AC85-264V/50Hz
  • Power consumption: <10W
  • Zones: 6/12/18 zones adjustable
  • Frequency: 100 frequency bands
  • Working environment:  -20℃ ~ +45℃.
  • Sensitivity adjustment range: 0~999 level sensitivity adjustable


    • Power Supply: AC85~264V/50Hz.
    • Power: ≦10W low power consumption, low radiation.
    • Standby: Only turn off the screen display, press the button or infrared in the standby mode to wake up.
    • Sleep: When the standby time is less than 10 minutes, sleep after 1 hour, the standby time is more than 10 minutes, and sleep after 6 times standby time. In the sleep state, the CPU works, other power is off, short press the switch button to wake up.
    • Frequency: 100 frequency bands, self-adaption when boot.
    • Working environment:  -20℃ ~ +45℃.
    • System detection: detect whether there is a fault in the system.
    • Partition function: 6/12/18/zones, can be randomly divided to accurately determine the location of the location of metal objects.
    • Sensitivity adjustment range: 1000 levels sensitivity adjustable,0~999 level.
    • Alarm function: sound and light alarm simultaneously, support record max 99999 alarm times.
    • Alarm query: can check the alarm record according to the date time, and the indicator light shows each alarm location information.
    • Anti-interference force: digital circuit design, anti-omission of report, infrared anti-disturbance, and with strong anti-interference ability.
    • Application: high – middle and low sensitivity adapts to all security check site quick debugging.
    • Backup power(optional): battery power will not be less than 8 hours. 
    • Fixed ID: each product has a fixed ID number.
    • Multilingual display: can choose the appropriate language as needed.
    • Calendar: can display Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minute.
    • Manage encryption: effectively prevent data from being illegally modified or mis-operated, which may result in abnormal work.
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