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  • Size: 2240 (H)×990 (L)×300 (W)mm
  • Channel size: 2000 (H)×700 (L)×300 (W)mm  
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Zones: 6-18 zones
  • Working voltage: AC90V~240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: <10W(Minimum power consumption )
  • Frequency range: 1—100 frequency band
  • Sensitivity: 0~999 
  • Environment temperature: -20℃~65℃


    • Multi-defense area technology: there are 18 detection areas, and the sensitivity of each detection area can be adjusted at will (with adaptive adjustment technology, the sensitivity can be up to 0-999 level), and there is a high-brightness LED alarm position indication, to accurately locate the hidden contraband parts;
    • Integrated design: main board display control integrated host, signal acquisition board placed on both sides of the door, convenient and simple, more conducive to after-sales service;
    • Large screen technology: 5.7-inch color LCD screen, new debugging program interface, easy to operate;
    • Four-column alarm light: equipped with high-brightness four-column alarm indicator light;
    • Rainproof technology: the overall structure adopts the all-rainproof design (general light rain) and advanced synthetic materials to make it highly resistant to aging and corrosion and better adapt to the harsh outdoor environment.
    • Screen menu display: color LCD menu display, Chinese and English menu selection, and real-time display background environment interference signal on the LCD screen, in order to make targeted adjustment in the installation;
    • All-metal display function: the display screen can display the amount of metal through the system in a bar shape;
    • Detection objects (ferrous and nonferrous metal detection modes) : magnetic, nonmagnetic and alloy metals can be detected;And can switch between non-ferrous or ferrous metal detection modes;
    • Superior shell protection technology: IP57 superior protection performance;
    • Anti-electromagnetic interference: DSP digital signal processing technology is adopted to automatically scan and detect the mechanical and electromagnetic interference in the installation site environment, automatically adapt to the working environment, and have high immunity to electromagnetic and mechanical interference;No need for periodic adjustment, greatly improve the ability of dry resistance;
    • Working frequency band: up to 100 working frequency bands, multiple devices working side by side with the same 50cm without mutual interference;
    • Sensitivity calibration: sensitivity calibration display is provided. When the detection sensitivity of the calibration area is displayed, the indicator light in the current adjustment area will light up to remind the operator of the current adjustment area. No detection will be made in other uncalibrated areas to facilitate the user to determine the positioning adjustment and calibration sensitivity.
    • Flying object detection function: it can prevent personnel from passing objects through the security gate when they are not passing through the security gate;
    • Adaptive diagnosis at start up: system adaptive diagnosis detects power and fault display at start up;
    • Automatic wake-up: within 5 minutes, the system will automatically enter the power-saving mode when there is no detection work, and the system will automatically wake up and enter the working mode when there is an object passing by; 
    • Diffusion alarm mode: use LED diffusion alarm mode on both sides to distinguish metal size;
    • Alarm data statistics: equipped with intelligent passenger flow and alarm counter, real-time automatic display record alarm times and the number of people in and out, 100,000 pieces of super-capacity record information for real-time access;
    • Alarm function: alarm light, alarm sound, arbitrary adjustment Settings;
    • Alarm mode: the system has a variety of alarm sound optional mode, suitable for different occasions;
    • Professional detection procedures: the system has more than 72 built-in detection standard procedures for different occasions;
    • Password operation: password protection only allows authorized personnel to operate, with higher security;
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