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  • Size: 2230(H) × 835(L) × 700(W) mm
  • Channel size: 1990(H) × 760(L) × 600(W) mm 
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Zones: 33/36 adjustable
  • Working voltage: AC90V~240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: <10W (lowest power consumption)
  • Display: 7-inch operation LCD screen
  • Operating frequency range: 1-100 frequency bands
  • Sensitivity: 0~999 adjustable


    • Multi-zone technology: 33/36 zone detection, which identifies metal more accurately. Promise zone more accurately and quickly identify metal, while tracking metal moving position sound and light alarm;
    • Large screen technology: 7-inch LCD screen, new debugger interface, easy to understand;
    • Detection of objects: magnetic, non-magnetic and alloy metals can be detected;
    • Super-strong shell protection technology: IP55 superior protection performance;
    • Anti-electromagnetic interference: It adopts DSP digital signal processing technology to automatically scan and detect the mechanical and electromagnetic interference of the installation site environment, automatically adapt to the working environment, and has high immunity to electromagnetic and mechanical interference; no need for periodic calibration, greatly improving resistance to dryness ability;
    • Working frequency band: up to 100 working frequency bands, multiple devices work side by side with the same 50cm without interfering with each other;
    • Sensitivity calibration: The only sensitivity calibration display in the world. When the calibration area detects sensitivity, the current adjustment area indicator lights up, prompting the operator's current adjustment area. Other uncalibrated areas will not be detected, which is convenient for the user to determine the positioning. Adjust the calibration sensitivity;
    • Flying object detection function: It can prevent people from transferring items from the security door when they do not pass the security door;
    • Professional detection program: The system has built-in detection procedures for 72 different occasions;
    • Self-learning function (adaptive debugging system): When enters the debugging system, it can adaptively debug the detection standard, means that the sensitivity can be adjusted automatically according to the sample;
    • On-screen menu display: use color LCD display menu, select menu in Chinese and English, and display background environment interference signal in real time on the LCD screen, so as to adjust it in the installation;
    • Boot adaptive diagnosis: the system adaptive diagnosis and detection of power during startup, fault display;
    • Detection area: The basic structure of the human body is divided into 6-18 detection areas, so that the sensitivity distribution of the detection area is not only blind and more uniform;
    • Detection zone sensitivity: The sensitivity of a single zone can be up to 0-999. Built-in high and low sensitivity programs for quick and easy adjustment, all probe program parameters can be set and modified at any time;
    • Automatic wake-up: When the system has no detection work within 5 minutes, it will automatically enter the power-saving mode. When the object passes, the system will automatically wake up and enter the working mode;
    • Diffusion alarm mode: use the LED side diffusion alarm method to distinguish the metal size;
    • Alarm data statistics: equipped with intelligent passenger flow and alarm counters, real-time automatic display of the number of recorded alarms and the number of people entering and leaving, 100000 large capacity record information for convenient real-time access;
    • Alarm function: alarm light, alarm sound, arbitrary adjustment settings;
    • Alarm sound mode: The system has a variety of alarm sound selection modes to suit different occasions.
    • Password operation: password protection only allows authorized personnel to operate, and the security is higher;
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